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DeConnick Rockets Through Time and Space with "Captain Marvel" - Comic Book Resources f

Interview includes unlettered previews of Issue 6.  Here’s one, there are more in the link: 

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First meeting of Tracy Burke and Carol. They spend most of the time trying to out-blunt one another, up until Carol gets into a bar fight.

Tracy: Carol? Carol Danvers? I’m Tracy Burke. Won’t you join me?
Carol: Don’t mind if I do.
Tracy: You’re younger than I expected.
Carol: So are you. Look, Tracy, I’m not in the mood for fencing. You need a job, I need an associate editor—someone who’s creative and a good traffic manager. Work’s hard, pays fair, and the biggest hassle is Jonah Jameson.
Tracy: Sounds peachy.
Carol: Yeah. Jameson doesn’t want me to hire you. He says you’re too much of a risk. And if you’re still boozing, Tracy—much as I want you for this job—you are.
Tracy: I’ve been on the wagon for five years, Carol. All that’s in this glass is ice and ginger ale. But I grew up around here. My friends are here, my family, my…roots. I need stability in my life. This place helps give it to me.

From Ms. Marvel Vol. 1 #8 (August 1977); script by Chris Claremont, pencils by Jim Mooney & Joe Sinnott.

Source: fuckyeahcaroldanvers

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Gene: Why should I? Carol bawls me out—in public! Tells me to have new cover layouts ready right after lunch…and then has the gall not to be here to approve them!
Tracy: Can they wait?
Gene: No!
Tracy: All right, Gene. I’ll approve them on my authority. Satisfied?
Gene: Not really. No disrespect, Tracy, but Carol’s the boss. This is her job. Her responsibility.
Tracy: Don’t I know it. Lynn, any sign of Carol?
Lynn: Oh, gee! No, Tracy. Nothing since she left before lunch. I’m sorry.
Tracy: Me, too. Thanks, Lynn. [to herself] Y’know, kid, you’re smoking more. The pressure’s getting to you. Carol, oh, Carol. Keep playing the no-show editor and your magazine’s had it. Your magazine…and me.

Foreshadowing? Foreshadowing.

My headcanon to explain the different directions writers have taken Carol in over the years is that she was firmly rooted in the adrenaline-addict life of flying, intelligence, and security work, but when the whole clusterfuck went down with Mar-Vell and her name was smeared, she decided to put that part of her life behind her and move on as a writer. Ms. Marvel meant that she couldn’t abandon the high-speed part of her life, though, and her job with the Bugle fell by the wayside as she was pulled into superheroing. Part of her regrets that she wasn’t ever able to devote herself to writing full-time, but I see her as a character who truly enjoys her powers and what she does with them.

From Ms. Marvel Vol. 1 #10 (October 1977); script by Chris Claremont, pencils by Sal Buscema & Tom Palmer.

Source: fuckyeahcaroldanvers

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Legendary Relationships: Captain Marvel f

“Legendary Relationships” is a regular column which will examine relationship moments between women in popular media.

Lovely piece on the friendships in Captain Marvel here.

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