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Uncommon Goods


You guys know about this?  

UncommonGoods has a Better to Give charitable program and their chosen charities include both Women for Women International and RAINN.  

In 2011, you guys helped me raise $2.8k for Women for Women after we read about the continuing struggles of women in Congo, remember

Well the fine folks at UncommonGoods remembered and they contacted me and asked for a signal boost for their charitable giving program. They have a goal to increase their company wide giving by 10%, which, considering the dollars they’re giving ($300K to date!), is pretty significant. 

Here’s the thing: next time you have a gift to buy, you can help RAINN or Women to Women without spending one cent more than you would have already spent!  All you have to do is shop at UncommonGoods.  

Here’s some gifts you might consider: 

Upcycled Cotton Sari Robe

F Bomb Paperweight (Bendis has one of these — no lie.)

Marimo Moss Ball Light Bulb Aquarium

Octopus Garden Sculpture (I kind of want this.)

Smartphone Film Scanner

There are more things and at various price points — lots of things in the $20 range.  I’ve ordered from UncommonGoods in past and gotten good service and timely delivery. 

…Just to be clear, I am not being compensated in any way—not with goods, services, credits or discounts.  I just think this is a nice thing to do.  

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Thank you, Smartass!  #hawkguy #smartassisgoodatboats #redcross

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Thank you, Paul & Trina! #hawkguy #redcross

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Thank you, Courtney! #hawkguy #redcross

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Thank you, Joe! #hawkguy #redcross

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BAM!  Thank you, Sigrid!

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Hawkeye 7

So I got an email this morning from Jason Beamish:

Quick question, (and I have no quick way to get to Fraction) — my church has agreed to pick up 40 copies of [Hawkeye 7] to donate to one of our teachers’s reading classes. The shop owner ended up giving us 50% off the books. I’ve got this crazy idea to see if they are willing to pony up the full cost on the books and throw the difference straight into the donation. 

Would Matt accept a check for the difference to add in?

Lovely, right? 

I told him of course, but man, it would be much easier just to donate it straight to the Red Cross.  

To which he responded: 

Which ever way works, I just want it to tally properly so people know that comikers care.

…which is unbelievably sweet.  So here’s what we’re thinking — if Hawkeye 7 warms the points of your I’M-GREAT-AT-BOATS arrows and you want to throw and extra couple bucks toward RED CROSS DISASTER RELIEF in the name of comickers and their gigantic hearts: 

  1. Go to the Red Cross disaster relief donation page;
  2. Fill out your donation information;
  3. Where it says IN HONOR OF put HAWKGUY & YOUR NAME; 
  4. Take a screen cap of JUST the IN HONOR OF PART (we don’t need to know how much you gave, that you gave is enough);
  5. Email or tweet the screen cap to me @kellysue or Fraction @mattfraction and we’ll put it up on our tumblrs tagged #hawkguy;
  6. Sit back and let’s see how we do. 

Maybe your little bit extra will help inspire somebody else to throw in a little bit extra too.  

We cool? 

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