Introducing Carol Corps 66 and Winking Kate by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction in men and women t-shirts! Find out about the charities they support.  http://www.girlsleadership.org http://www.futureswithoutviolence.org

The shirts were actually only art directed by Fraction and I.  

Carol Carps shirt was drawn by Leigh Wortley!


And Winking Kate is of course the incomparable Annie Wu. 


As ever, my commission goes to the Girls Leadership Institute and Fraction’s benefits Futures Without Violence.  

Go! Buy! 

sunkenyachtclub asked:

What do you think Clint Barton HAWKGUY would sing in karaoke, and what do you think Kate Bishop LADY HAWKGUY would sing?

I consulted with Fraction on this one. He said, “I don’t think Clint would; I think Kate would sing all of the songs. All of them.”

I concur on Clint.  I think Kate would sing something too cool for me to have ever heard of.  Something McKelvie knows.


Guys, I need some arm-warmers.


Not the whole length of my arm, just something that’ll cover my wrists; I keep getting snapped with the bow string in Archery, and there’s only two arm guards in the entire class that will stay put and I don’t always get one. So I’m thinking a thick arm warmer should take car of that, right?

Ideally, I’d like something Hawkeye or Captain Marvel related; has anyone seen any crochet patterns for such things?