Higher. Further. Faster. More.

Captain Marvel, costume made and modeled by me, BelleChere.

Photography by Robbins Studios Photography and Fine Art.

Cowl by 4th Wall Design.

Though there is some photoshop involved in the flames, they are actual props I made. The tutorial for which can be found here.

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we will be the stars we were always meant to be



Ever since I told her Kelly Sue liked what she’d said about Captain Marvel Aeris has wanted to meet her — “the writer of Captain Marvel! The REAL one!!!” We got in line for the panel an hour early to make sure we got in. We got to be a part of a community — Aeris stood on her chair when Kelly Sue asked the Carol Corps to stand up. And when we got to the stage afterwards the crowd parted and Kelly Sue snatched her up into a hug and I don’t know which was more happy in that moment. Janet Lee and Emily Shaw also came over to talk to Aeris about being the real live Kit; when asked what her favourite part of school is Aeris answered “Math” and both encouraged this and told her Carol must be good at math to be a pilot. As the mother of two daughters who are interested in science and math, THANK YOU. No one encouraged my interests in science when I was a teen girl so I never pursued them. 


During the panel, preview art of Captain Marvel #17 featuring Kit came on screen and Aeris said (loud enough for the surrounding row to smile about it) “I’m in those pictures up there!” This is what we mean when we talk about wanting representation in our stories. We want a full and complete spectrum so every child can look up on the screen and say I’m in those pictures up there.

Thank you, all of you, for giving Aeris the very best afternoon.