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Carol Corps Holiday Gift Exchange 

Carol Corps is having a Gift Exchange! Because why not? Gift exchanges are awesome! Whether you draw, write, make playlists, gifs, edits, crafts, or something else that I haven’t mentioned, you should reblog this post. If you do, you’ll be given a name to make a gift for and someone will get your name to make a gift for you! 

Important things:

Your assignments will arrive on December 15th so make sure to reblog before then.

Gifts will be exchanged on December 30th. (Hopefully this will give everyone with crazy holiday plans a few days to recover and then craft like mad.) Message your giftee to let them know you got them something and post it under the #Carol Corps tag so everyone else can see it and bask in the awesomeness. 

REMEMBER: DO NOT reveal your gift or giftee until December 30th. However, vague comments about the awesomeness of your present are totally encouraged. :) 

(Also, not everyone celebrates the same holidays so if you do decide to make your gift holiday themed, please make sure it’s the right holiday. Check their blog if you’re not sure what they celebrate.) 

That is all! Go forth and gift!

I can’t participate alas, but I’m reblogging for signal boost.  

(Folks interested in Carol Corps activities should check the tumblr Carol Corps tags. Important note: you’re a member of Carol Corps the minute you feel you’d like to be — it’s not a formal organization; there’s no sign up sheet or minimum required participation.)

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How we roll. #together #carolcorps @supergrrl

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Jill’s awesome #carolcorps manicure


Casual Carol Cosplay! #RCCC13

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Good mail day! #carolcorps




Captain Marvel #12 cover by Joe Quinones

Joe Quinones is phenomenal. LOVE this!

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Attention Carol Corps:

Hey, beautiful people!  If you’ve been a part of this amazing flood of Captain Marvel fan art & cosplay and you’d like a chance for your labors to be recognized in actual print, we need you to send art and/or photos to and mark them OK TO PRINT!

Pleeeeeeease. Thank you.  

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