constipatedduck asked:

Hi I just wanted to say that I really, really REALLY liked the new issue of Captain Marvel, but I'm sure you have a lot of messages like this right now because seriously, it was SO good. It was also so cool that you answered the letters this month, do you know if you'll be doing it again anytime soon?

Maybe? I’d love to do it every month, but I’m not a very fast writer and usually I’m so buried it’s not feasible. But that said, I’ve moved some things around recently and changed a couple of work practices, so who knows…? 

Anyway, CM is very much a team effort, so on behalf of myself, Sana, Filipe, Jordie and Joe — thank you for you kind words. I think we’re especially proud of that one.  

Your tumblr name is hysterical, btw.   

timthavillain asked:

What is the most exciting attribute about writing villains for Carol? How do you select challenges for her to face?

Heh.  Apparently I just avoid writing them all together!  

The only real and proper villain she’s faced in this run is Absorbing Man, who she battled for all of, I think, 4 or 5 pages in the first issue.  And I chose him because I’d written him before and I think he’s funny.

But, um… all that is about to change.  


judedeluca asked:

Hi, Miss DeConnick? I'm really enjoying Captain Marvel, but, I was wondering if there may be an appearance of Phyla-Vell or Hulkling at any point, though I admit I don't expect you to have Carol teaming up with the different Captains in every successive story arc.

Wouldn’t that be hilarious, though?  I wish we could do that. 

The arc with The Captain from NEXTWAVE would get us an Eisner I’m sure

geirrrr asked:

I think for some time that there was a little bit of fandom hype going around wanting for Carol to be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe via Iron Man 3. Her being in the Air Force was probably the main reason behind that, since Tony's BFF is also an Lt Colonel of the USAF. So even though Rhodey's 616 back story differs from his MCU, do you think that Rhodey and Carol would have a small amount of pilot rivalry or even a bromance over pilot-stuff and sassing down Tony Stark?

No.  As in, not a small amount.  I suspect Carol and Rhodey would have major chemistry. 

jasonenright asked:

Silly Question. In your Marvel interview you say "Logan and the microwave popcorn. I actually bet he's a great cook." Do you think this is because of his heightened senses? Maybe he can perfectly flavor a dish? I love to think of the mundance uses of super powers.

Yeah… I suspect Logan is a real sensualist.  It makes sense, doesn’t it?