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BelleChere is the Star She Was Always Meant to Be

A further note…


Something brought up by poetryondemand's question to kellysue earlier about her plight in demonstrating female leads for super hero films is the struggle I’ve had time and again when discussing Captain Marvel and a possible on-screen origin.

I have found myself saddened, infuriated and speechless time and again when faced with guys** saying “you can’t have MS. Marvel without “the real" Captain Marvel / Mar-Vell" (they’re always very keen to remind us that Carol isn’t the first) when the topic of adapting a potential Carol screen appearance comes up.

She gains her powers when a literal alien wishing machine explodes.

Alien. Wishing. Machine.

If someone can’t see how “US Air Force / SHIELD pilot / Avengers liaison interacts with damaged (or exploding) reality-warping alien technology and thus gains super powers" works as an origin story without having to add “by absorbing them from a man" at the end then I just despair.

Um… guys… 


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Emerald City Comicon is proud to present an official Carol Corps Celebration event with Kelly Sue DeConnick, G. Willow Wilson, and Christopher Sebela at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Thursday, March 27th from 7pm to 10pm.

Ticket holders will have the opportunity to meet awesome featured guests, mingle with them and each other, socialize, and enjoy the main exhibits in the Museum of Flight. Light hors d’oeuvres, desserts, and beverages will be provided. Tickets also guarantee all-day access to the Museum of Flight (during regular business hours of 10am to 5pm).

This event is designed to celebrate Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel and connect fans of those comics with their creators. Cosplay, demonstrations of creativity, and enthusiasm are highly encouraged.

ECCC has partnered with We Love Fine to produce an exclusive “Captain Marvel at the Museum of Flight” t-shirt, available for purchase at the event or during ticket purchase. ECCC has also partnered with TopatoCo to provide an exclusive Carol Corps patch with art by Kate Leth (Kate or Die!, Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake) only available to the Carol Corps Celebration event attendees.

Kelly Sue DeConnick is the writer behind the current Captain Marvel comic, as well as Pretty Deadly, Avengers Assemble, and Ghost. G. Willow Wilson is the writer for the new Ms. Marvel comic, in addition to work on All New Marvel Now! Point One, The Unexpected, and Mystic. Christopher Sebela has also written for Captain Marvel, as well as High Crimes, Ghost and Fantastic Four.

All proceeds for this event will be donated to the Girls Leadership Institute (

This event is open to people aged 16 and over. Tickets to Emerald City Comicon are NOT REQUIRED in order to attend this event. Tickets to the Carol Corps Celebration do not allow access in to Emerald City Comicon. This is separately ticketed event from the convention itself. Alcoholic beverages will be available at a cash bar for attendees 21+.

Buy tickets here:


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Sorry for the amateurness, but I wanted to share my headcanon.

One day while Carol is babysitting Kit the Avengers are called in. With such short notice Captain Marvel takes Kit to the only place she can be certain she’ll be safe- The Future Foundation. Kit hits it off with all the kids, but especially the Moloids and she and Tong pretend to be Captain Marvel and She-Hulk and fight Bentley and Adolf.

Headcanon: accepted. 

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re: Emerald City.


Guys, I know you want a CM movie and, believe me, I’d be first in line, but I am first and foremost a comic book fan.  And the notion that anyone might be disappointed in this cool thing that is happening because it’s not a movie thing, is a profound bummer to me.  

So I’m sorry if I got anyone’s skewed in the wrong direction: it is unequivocally NOT a movie thing.  

As soon as I am certain everything is in place, I will quit being coy.  I only teased because I know people are making travel plans NOW and you’ll need to be there early for this.  

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Um… I just got an email. SUCH an email. You guys are gonna wanna come to Emerald City Comic Con. Can’t say more yet, but you’re gonna wanna come and you’re gonna wanna come a day EARLY

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Continuing Chaotic Good/Lawful Good Convo with Kit

I’m getting breakfast for the kids so I don’t have a lot of time to spend on this, but —

> hm hMMMM though my thought was she only complies with the rules when she agrees with them in the first place?

Well, I’m not much of an RPGer (I’ve only played one game), so my knowledge of this stuff is cursory, but the reference I used to double check my thinking was this: — and it includes the line, “a lawful good character will not honor a law that runs contrary to his alignment.”  While I do believe Carol will defy authority and break rules (and you’ll see that happen soon), I don’t think she’d do so lightly. (We also HAVE to take into account her history. As much as I’d love to forget her behavior during civil war, we don’t get to do that.) 

I *do* think Carol would lie as a strategy — I’m not sure how strict these prescriptions are.  (For what it’s worth — I also think everyone listed below as ‘well known lawful good characters’ would lie under the right circumstances too.)

Of COURSE we WANT Carol to be “Chaotic Good” — that’s the sexiest.  But it doesn’t feel quite as true (to me, anyway).  Look at this list of characters they put under LG and the ones they put under CG: 

Well known lawful good characters from film or literature include: Luke Skywalker (Star Wars), Mister Spock (Star Trek), Hermione Granger (Harry Potter), and Superman (DC Comics).”

Well known chaotic good characters from film or literature include: Han Solo (Star Wars), Batman (DC Comics), Fred and George Weasley (Harry Potter), and Robin Hood.”

To me, without a doubt, Carol is more the former than the latter.  

(Even though I agree with the outcome, the “well she’s military” argument doesn’t work for me — Pappy Boyington and Chuck Yeager were also military.  Occupation is not character.) 

Look, I write character by intuition, not by a set of rules.  Under my pen, she’ll behave the way that feels ‘in character’ to me in the situation in which she’s been place. But that said, if you ask me to look back at her history and say where she falls — Lawful Good. 

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Hey there! I am really looking for a comic for my 7 yr old daughter that has a strong female lead, she is extremely advanced reading wise but I don't want the content to be too mature... Do you think that the new Captain Marvel would be suitable? Failing that any good, strong female leads for us to try on a regular basis? Thanks for reading!

I *think* Captain Marvel should be fine (I’ve got a six year old boy and I can’t think of anything off the top of my head from the previous run that I wouldn’t let him read), but I would always recommend you pre-screen.  

Edited to add — yes! Check out Princeless