double-donation day from the #teamHAWKGUY store at WeLoveFine


in memory of Fred Phelps + his legacy I’ll double all my donations to Futures Without Violence today from my HAWKEYE store.

so if you’ve been thinking about getting a shirt, today’d be a cool day to do it.

(basically: i get a cut on the shirts i curate from WLF. I give that cut to FWV quarterly. Today, whatever shirts sell from the store, i’m gonna figure out what that cut would be, personally double it, and write Futures Without Violence a separate, special, check, in Phelps’ memory.)

Tell you what, Carol Corps — I’m gonna play too.  But I’m gonna change it up a little: 

My commission off our We Love Fine Collection will go to the Girls Leadership Institute, as always.  

BUT for today, as Fred Phelps’ legacy, I’ll personally make a matching donation to The Trevor Project.   

Because if there is a God, I’m pretty sure she loves everybody.  Even poor fucked-up Fred. 


You guys are the best. Seriously.


I am CRYING from the support and awesome words all y’all have sent to my inbox or commented on the toe-touch post. 

I haven’t touched my toes since before the accident. 

The accident was on December 11, 1991. 

I had been 18 for 8 days. I’m 40 now. 

I used to do a full stretch program before mounting my horse. feet together, palms flat on floor. I needed a relaxed lower back, relaxed hips and pelvis, firm core. Stretching (yoga style) gave me all of that and more.

Counting today, I had not touched my toes in: 

1881 days
22 years, 2 months and 18 days (including Leap Years.) 

I am forty and can TOUCH MY TOES. 


And yes, my doves, I shall keep trying to punch holes in the floor. Right before I resume punching holes in the sky. 

PS: I was wearing my carolcorpsyarnbrigade lovingly crafted fingerless gloves when my fingers brushed my toes. 

That dinosaur was punched, ladies and gents. Now it’s time to find another, and another. And then there will be more. 

I AM CAPTAIN MARVEL. No TBI, no spinal fusion, no physical injury can stop me as long as I have her - and the rest of you amazing, wonderful and beautiful people. 

PPS to Kelly Sue: I call my physical therapy my “Captain Marvel Lessons” because it motivates me to keep going, keep trying, keep punching holes and reaching for stars. I just never realized the stars I wanted to grab would be on the floor and not in the sky. I guess it doesn’t matter. They were always out of reach either way. 

Until today. I can grab those stars. Just you wait and see. Even if it’s just my fingertips touching the ground in front of my toes or at the sides of my feet, I have stars to reach for. 

And by Odin, I wall grab those little bastards and never let go. 

Read this aloud over the breakfast table and we’re ALL tearing up over here. 

Congratulations, Deb. Keep reaching for those stars, wherever you may find them. 



Introducing Carol Corps 66 and Winking Kate by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction in men and women t-shirts! Find out about the charities they support.

The shirts were actually only art directed by Fraction and I.  

Carol Carps shirt was drawn by Leigh Wortley!

And Winking Kate is of course the incomparable Annie Wu.

As ever, my commission goes to the Girls Leadership Institute and Fraction’s benefits Futures Without Violence.  

Go! Buy! 

theimancameron asked:

Hello Kelly-Sue! If you were stuck on an island with any five of the characters you'd ever written, which five would you prefer to be stuck with?

Wouldn’t need five.  Carol could get us off that island without breaking a sweat. 

(I’m sure there’s a “great at boats” joke here, but it’s too much effort when I haven’t finished my coffee.)

verypleasedtomeetyou asked:

First off, I saw you at the Cinderella Royal Family 5K on Friday, and you and your daughter were both too cute for words. I wish I'd given a Carol Corps shout-out, but it was too early for thinking. As for my question: if RunDisney is a thing you do regularly, any chance you'd want to have a Carol Corps meetup next time? I hope you're enjoying your stay in sweltering hot Florida!

I’ve never done one before!  (This weekend was a gift for my mom, who’s been looking after our ‘Gamma’ Polly for about the last six months — caregiving is an honor to be sure, and I know Mom wouldn’t trade this time with Polly for anything, but it’s also been physically and emotionally exhausting.)

We had a WONDERFUL time, and I’d do another runDisney event in a heartbeat. I think they’re all sold out for now, though, so we’ll keep watching for announcements.  

Anyway, YES, a Carol Corps meet up would be grand, but in the meantime, do you know about this GEEK GIRLS RUN group?  I did the 10k with Michelle and Amber of GGR got two new friends AND a medal out of the experience.

They’ve got participants at all levels and they did at least one meet up this weekend that I know of.  Maybe reach out?  I know they would welcome you as they did me.