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comiXology’s Creator of the Week: Kelly Sue DeConnick 

kellysue & davizlopez were kind enough to share some exclusive behind the scenes sketches with us from the new series of Captain Marvel. 

**In case you missed it, you can get Captain Marvel #1 by Kelly Sue & Daviz for 50% off when you use the code DANVERS on this page!**

Hurry up, because the code expires tonight at 11:59pm ET!

Stay tuned for more on Kelly Sue throughout the week as well as some social-media-exclusive discount codes!

comiXology’s Creator of the Week highlights one of our favorite people in comics starting each Monday.

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My favorite GeekGirlCon souvenir, won at the Carol Corps panel by answering this question:  Who drew the original Ms. Marvel in her first series (original costume)? 
Especially treasured because I couldn’t make the ECCC 2014 Museum of Flight Celebration. 
Also, there was much discussion of Monica Rambeau at the panel. I wonder if we could talk We Love Fine into a Monica t-shirt? 

I could propose it.  Put a note on this post if you’d be into it, so that I can show them, okay? 
iPhone 5s
Focal Length


My favorite GeekGirlCon souvenir, won at the Carol Corps panel by answering this question:  Who drew the original Ms. Marvel in her first series (original costume)? 

Especially treasured because I couldn’t make the ECCC 2014 Museum of Flight Celebration. 

Also, there was much discussion of Monica Rambeau at the panel. I wonder if we could talk We Love Fine into a Monica t-shirt? 

I could propose it.  Put a note on this post if you’d be into it, so that I can show them, okay? 

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Person who sent this to me to sign and return (i’m not going to use your name just in case this is a gift for someone.):

There was no note. Did you want this personalized in anyway? Is there a particular spot you like me to sign it? Or a color you’d like me to sign it in? I’m going to give this about 24 hours and if I don’t hear from you I will just sign it in the lower left corner in black and mail it back.

It looks cool — you did a great job!

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Call for Photos

Hey, I need a favor? 

The folks at Respect Films who are working on that SHE MAKES COMICS documentary wrote asking me for photos of me with fans/Carol Corps that they could use.  As it happens, I don’t have very many…?  Or, most of the ones I do have are not *my photos* so I wouldn’t be able to give them permission to use them.

So, with their okay, I’m turning this over to you —

If you have a photo of me and you (or a group of us) that you wouldn’t mind giving to the documentary, would you email it to them with a statement of your permission?  

You can have them send the photos directly to me at to save your inbox.

(Send ‘em that duck face. You know you want to.)

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My New York Comic Con Schedule

Thursday, October 9

2:30 - 3:20pm 
Signing at the We Love Fine Booth (#1836)

5 - 5:45pm 
"I" is for Immersive Panel, 1A21
Comics can contain entire universes between their covers, and Panelists Kelly Sue DeConnick (PRETTY DEADLY), Jason Latour (SOUTHERN BASTARDS), Jamie McKelvie (THE WICKED + THE DIVINE), Brandon Montclare (ROCKET GIRL), Tim Seeley (REVIVAL) and Kyle Higgins (COWL) excel at creating worlds that you can simply fall into from page one, Panel one. Anything goes in comics, and now’s your chance to pick the brains of some of the most creative minds around.

Friday, October 10

11:15 - Noon
Breaking into Comics the MARVEL Way, 1A06
Have a passion for the inner workings of the comics industry? Curious about breaking into the field as a writer or artist? Sit down with a group of Marvel professionals from every corner of the business, and get insider tips, advice and first-hand accounts of what it takes to start a career in comics today! Panelists include Talent Scout Jeanine Schaefer and a slew of Mighty Marvel talent!

1 - 1:45pm
World Outside Your Window, Diversity in Marvel Comics, 1A18
I can’t find a description for this one - looks like it’s not been added to the official schedule yet…?  (And honestly, I think it’s up against the ONE Women of Color in Comics panel. My feelings will not be hurt if you go to that one instead. If I’d known before I committed, I’d go to that one too.)  

4 - 4:45pm 
Vulture Presents Carol Corps and Beyond: The Future of Female Fandom, 1A10
Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel and Batgirl have sparked an explosion of enthusiasm and visibility for women in comics. Female leads have been present since the dawn of comics, so why is their popularity only seeing a rise now? Some say the internet is responsible – but if that’s true, why didn’t this happen 15 years ago? And what role, if any, do leading ladies’ portrayals onscreen play? Most importantly, we must keep this momentum going and not let this be just a flash in the pan!

7:30 pm 
Mustang Harry’s
352 W 7th x 29th and 30th
I’m going to Fraction’s thing. I think. I don’t know. He told me 7:30. Up there it says it’s only 8 minutes long and starts at 7pm. I think he’s full of shit. Who knows? Anyway, if you’re a nice not-creepy person, come hang out with me because I’m scared. If anyone shows me their dick I will stab it. I’m serious. 

Saturday, October 11

9:30 - 11am
VIP Signing in VIP Lounge. 
I guess if you’re going to this you probably already know and there’s a secret handshake or something. I have no clue. 

12:45 - 1:45pm
Marvel Cup O’Joe 
Join us for this Convention favorite! Here is your chance to Q&A with Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, for this no-holds-barred exposé on everything Marvel. Got a question about a favorite hero? Want to hear groundbreaking news straight from the source? Need a rundown on breaking developments in Marvel comics, film and TV? This panel is for you! With special announcements galore! Featuring writers Brian Michael Bendis (All-New X-Men), Dan Slott (Amazing Spider-Man), Kelly Sue DeConnick (Captain Marvel), Gerry Duggan (Deadpool), Erica Henderson and other Mighty Marvel guests!

2 - 3pm 
Geek Girl Headquarters, 1E02
The Mary Sue Geek Girl Headquarters Meet & Greet

4 - 4:45pm
Image Booth Signing (#1544) Kelly Sue DeConnick & Valentine De Landro *ticketed*
There are going to be FREE Bitch Planet posters and non-compliant tattoos. You read that right. Maybe I’ll even bring some pages you can look at. CRAZY THINGS MIGHT HAPPEN.

Sunday, October 12

11 - 11:45am
Image Booth Signing (#1544) Kelly Sue DeConnick *ticketed*

1:15 - 2pm
Women of Marvel Panel, 1A06
From Ms. Marvel to Black Widow, from Twitter to tumblr, women in comics has been one of the most talked-about topics in the industry recently. Join the conversation as women from every discipline in the creative process at Marvel discuss what it’s like working as a woman in comics today and what it means for the future of the industry! Plus, plenty of special announcements! Panelists will include Editor Sana Amanat, Talent Scout Jeanine Schaefer, Associate Producer Judy Stephens, writers Kelly Sue DeConnick (Captain Marvel) and Erica Henderson, and other Mighty Marvel Guests!

The NYCC Women of Marvel panel is ALWAYS MY FAVORITE. I encourage you to make it to this one. I’ll bring some giveaways. 

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Hey, so I’m finalizing my NYCC schedule and found a couple of snafu’s that I”m trying to work out before I post it.  

Weirdly, I don’t see anything specifically Carol Corps on the schedule.  Am I missing something or did I drop a ball?  



Hello Carol Corps Cat Commandos! For the month of October we will be celebrating OcTiger, dedicated to those majestic, striped, and endangered, animals. We will be posting Tiger Facts every day, with links to donate, and hope you all help spread the word. 

What can you do?

  • Submit your own Tiger stories, art, photos, facts, etc. 
  • Spread the word! Re/blog, re/tweet, like, etc. If you make your own post use the tag “carol corps cats” so we will see it!
  • Do you have a favorite Tiger or Tiger-related character? Let us know
  • Dress up in support of OcTiger (we’d love to see pics!)
  • Donate to Save Tigers Now
  • And we want to hear your ideas!


The tiger is the biggest species of the cat family. They can reach a length of up to 3.3 metres (11 feet) and weigh as much as 300 kilograms (660 pounds).

You are the cutest thing in the universe. 

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Did y’all know Facebook has a Carol Corps: Core Fitness page


(Image from this Etsy posting.)


Heads up, y’all —

You know about the Disney Avengers Half Marathon Weekend, yeah?  It’s November 14th - 16th at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA.  The DeFraction clan will be there — the whole family is going to walk the 5k and Fraction and I will be doing the Half. (Er… Fraction will be running the half.  I will be dragging my sorry butt along and wishing I’d been better about my training.) We’re also planning an Anaheim signing the Wednesday before the event! 


Disney reached out to us — they’re looking for uniformed Carol Corps volunteers to cheer along the route. I think it’s going to be crazy fun and a really spectacular way to meet fellow corpsmen. And if that’s not enough, in exchange for your service, each individual will receive a complimentary park hopper ticket if they register and participate, so that’s an incentive as well! 

Kelly Sue, what do they mean by “uniformed”?

I’m so glad you asked!  They’re looking for cosplayers, primarily.  (Doesn’t have to be Carol — Kamala, Spider-Woman, Clint, Kate… anybody who’s a part of our world would work. Non-traditional cosplay would work as well, I think — I’m thinking about some of the spectacular Captain Marvel dresses I’ve seen.)

Wah! I’m not a cosplayer, but I want to help!

Do not despair!  I asked if they’d consider non-cosplayers and I told them about our CC shirts.  The response came back that cosplayers would be preferred, but if you have this Carol Corps shirt, you could consider it your uniform and you’d be welcome to apply as well.  

What do you mean by “apply,” Kelly Sue? Is there paperwork involved? 

Not paperwork per se, but there will be a registration website going live in a couple of weeks. Everyone who registers will need to submit a photo of themselves wearing their costume (or their t-shirt!) so that Disney can do their best to screen for “potentially inappropriate clothing” — their words, not mine.  I don’t foresee any problems for us, though…?  

Anyway, if you choose to apply, here’s what they’ll ask for:

Email Address
Phone Number
Club or Group (if applicable) THIS IS WHERE YOU WRITE “CAROL CORPS”
Marvel Character Portrayed: (If you’re not a cosplayer, but you have the t-shirt, just put CAROL CORPS MEMBER here)

Nicole Campos has volunteered to help co-ordinate volunteers, so stay tuned for an introduction to her too. 

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to get answers.  The site won’t be up for another week or two, but we’re getting the word out now so folks have time to plan/pull together costumes.  

Cool? Cool. See you there. 

(We Can Do It image courtesy of the AMAZING and MUCH-BELOVED Flatbear.)

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Is there any chance we'll see you at the Carol Corps and Beyond panel at NYCC?

I imagine so, yes! 

EDITED TO ADD: I just saw a preliminary copy of my schedule and it’s not on it, so I need to look into it.  Can’t make any promises, but I’ll try!