Okay, so, I’m home and I’m beat, it’s the first day of school for Henry and a drop-in day for T and I have pages due so I have to make this brief, but I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone involved for a truly extraordinary 5 days.  image

To the volunteers — of whom there are literally HUNDREDS and they MAKE this show.  Literally every single person I dealt with was not just extraordinarily polite, but also enthusiastically helpful.  The CPAC organizers! Thank you. Damien, Ally, Torrey, Kyle, Jonathan, Daniel, Matthew, Vicki, Kari… THANK YOU.  The gentlemen who picked us up at the airport (Adam!) and returned us safely (Dominic… I think?).  My friend from Portland in the headset who ALWAYS spotted me when I was looking lost and pointed me in the right direction — thank you.  The organizers in Artist’s Alley who moved me around to manage the lines and didn’t miss a beat, and were gracious to everyone in the midst of the chaos.  My friends the Dragon*Con veterans — Judi, Chris, Tiffany, JANINE [edited because I caught a typo], Betsy — thank you.



I had an amazing time, learned a lot, saw jaw-dropping cosplay, got to spend some quality time with my best friend, duck-faced like I have never duck-faced before, got my picture taken with the ENTIRE COSMIC MARVEL UNIVERSE, met James Gunn, participated in multiple standing-room-only events (including both the Carol Corps panel and — Comics & Feminism on MONDAY AFTERNOON?!!) but the high point, unquestionably, was attending the March: Book One panel and hearing Congressman John Lewis speak.  He’s a gentle man, soft spoken, extraordinarily gracious and inspiring. He represents, I think, the best of us. What I want it to mean when i say, “I am an American” is everything that man stands for. John Lewis is a true American hero.  


We ALL need to know his story — because it is OUR story.  ALL OF US, regardless of skin tone.  Go buy one for your family, then one for your school’s library too.  Read it, teach it, look at what is going on around us today.  

The Congressman talked about how we have to get out of our chairs, put our bodies on the line and LITERALLY stand for change.  

"Make a little noise," he said. "Get in the way."  

I’ve been thinking about it since. Trying to figure out how I can do more. Thinking about his call to activism both in terms of my personal life and in terms of my work. 

I am so grateful.

And grateful too, to his cowriter, Andrew Aydin who had the love for and faith in our medium to carry this important message. I can’t wait to get to know Andrew better.  I bet we have a lot of favorite books in common. 

Oh, and this happened: 


So, you know, my life has peaked. 

(Extra special thanks to laurennmcc for her company and help this weekend, and for taking the photos above.)

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