Hey Corps!: Posting this so hopefully you can all signal boost on behalf of those of us flying in to Seattle who will be without wheels. :)  I called the concierge at my hotel this morning to ask about transportation to the Museum of Flight from downtown; here are some options:

- Taxi: It’s about a 10 minute cab ride from downtown, which they estimated would probably be about a $20 fare.

- Bus: They estimated it’s a 25 min. bus ride. Base fare is $2.25. There are a few bus lines that go down Marginal Way past the museum, but it looks like Line 124 is a good bet. If you’re staying at a hotel downtown, it leaves from 3rd. Av. andVirginia ARGH I goofed, it’s PINE Street!downtown and goes right past the museum; the stop you want to get off at is East Marginal Way S & S 94th Pl.

Here’s the Seattle/King Co. Metro Trip planner, too. So you can map it exactly depending on where you’re at.

Hope that helps everyone!  

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