10 Question Q&A with Dynamic Forces f

1. As a fellow Pacific Northwestern comic creator, maybe you can help me sort this out. How in the world did we become the massive funnybook nerd empire? I pretty much grew up here, so for me it wasn’t a case of being drawn from somewhere else. How did you find your way to Portland, and what makes you stay?

Beats me, bud! You’re from here, shouldn’t you have better insight into the history of the place and how the migration happened?

I know in our case, my husband dated a girl in college who was from here and kind of fell in love with the town. So it was always on our short list. When we sat down over dinner to decide Where, it came down to Portland, Seattle or Austin. I’d grown up in Austin and we wanted someplace that was new to us both, so Austin was out. I thought Seattle was breathtakingly beautiful, but too expensive after Kansas City… Portland won by default.

The Bendises put us up for a couple weeks when we moved and they were so gracious, that pretty much sealed the deal.

You’ll never get rid of us now.

Mwah ah ha ha ha ha ha ha…

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