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It’s late in the day, I know, but for anyone who’d like to know: for 99c/69p each you can pick up issues from the above series.


Captain Marvel 2nd 6 issues, #7&#8 of which feature Monica Rambeau and #9 of which features dinosaur punching.

Black Widow In The Name Of The Rose, otherwise known as Marjorie Liu’s extraordinary and important arc.

X-23 Laura’s first limited series, her origin.

Red She-Hulk Read Betty Ross being a fucking badass.

Spider-Woman Jessica Drew becomes an agent of SWORD. (Effectively SHIELD in spaaaaaaaaace.)

She-Hulk Popular run from the mid 00s.

Rogue In her last solo book, iirc. I remember enjoying it.

Psylocke Facing demons of her past and her own bloodthirst.

All fantastic books. All featuring awesome Marvel ladies. Several written by awesome Marvel ladies.

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