As many of you know, I’m curating a collection of t-shirts over at We Love Fine in honor of Carol Danvers, Helen Cobb, Jessica Drew and all the amazing women of CAPTAIN MARVEL, and donating my curation commission to the Girls’ Leadership Institute, to help foster and give voice to the heroines of tomorrow. 

Well. I just got our report and not only were we the TOP SELLING PARTNERSHIP last month, but we’ve also raised enough to provide room and board for one summer camper.  

I’m reeling, you guys. I could not ask for a better birthday present. Thank you. I’m so proud of you I could pop.  

(Oh, and the top-selling shirt? This one.)

…You know, if we doubled it by next summer, we could provide a full scholarship…just a thought… 

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    Awesome collection of Ms. Marvel and Spider Woman clothes for my followers
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    I’m not going to overinflate my contribution to this cause. I bought an awesome tshirt and Kelly Sue donates her...
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    This is amazing! And just in time for Carolcon!!! One of my favorite things about the Carol Corps is how we come...
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    ICYMI last week…. BRAVO, Carol Corps! This is such wonderful news. Working on more very cool stuff with Kelly Sue which...
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