MALE-TYPE-GUY-DUDES! The truth will set you FREE!

Look. Here’s the deal: you’re not fooling anyone. We know you’re not Geek Girls. (The fact that you’re a guy gives you away.)

It’s okay. We understand. Being a Geek Girl is a pretty fabulous thing. We get it and love you for your aspiration. But the thing is, you’re not a Geek Girl… because you’re a guy.

So quit pretending and learn to love yourself for who you are.

Step one: Confess your status in handy t-shirt form.

Step two: Wear said t-shirt to a geek culture convention, comics or gaming shop (where we know you only go to meet girls, I mean, amirite?) and let the ladies love you for who you really are.

Step three: Revel in the knowledge that my commission on your purchase will be donated to the Girls Leadership Institute, so you’ve done not one but TWO cool things.



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