Dream-Me is on a tear, y’all. 

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    I still think Dream DeFractions playing Legos and having a snowball fight with me were better.
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    OMG!! Of course I forgot to include in my post that the reason it was terrible was because she’s awesome and I...
  5. librarianpirate said: You were absolutely delightful when I met you! (Truth be told, anyone who thinks my children are the best is tops in my book)
  6. burkepremiereevents said: If it makes you feel any better, I dreamt that you went to my college and when people were making fun of me for doing a puppet show on the college tv station, you played the part of the crab and we sang a song. Take that as you will.
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    And now that the seed has been planted, how many of us will dream of her tonight?