I’m not sure Tumblr is the best platform for this sort of conversation/inquiry, but I just posted this inquiry to my Jinxworld board and I’m really interested in your thoughts. 

  1. jesseface said: From a publishing standpoint, I think the best sort of backmatter comes from additional sketches, behind the scenes, but also character matter—information that a comic necessarily can’t contain. What they do on their off days, favorite foods.
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    I love reading about how characters evolved from concept to page, sketches of early designs etc. STORM DOGS is doing...
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    I’m always thrilled when there’s backmatter, especially when it fits thematically with the book : articles on the genre...
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    I really like when comics do the Watchmen thing and follow up the main story with a couple pages of supplementary prose....
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    The usual scripts and concept art always make for cool backmatter. But I guess the best would be something the differs...
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  7. shonborn said: I like thought-process stuff. Not exactly while writing the script, but while coming up with the ideas. Also sketches and art process.
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  9. thisbattleisnotover said: I liked Fraction’s backmatter for CASANOVA. Music he was listening to, where he was at when he was writing the issues (physically/mentally/existentially/etc). But Gillen’s in PHONOGRAM was good stuff, too.
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