Captain Marvel Tattoos


If you have a CAPTAIN MARVEL-RELATED TATTOO and would like it to be featured in an upcoming issue, please send a photo to and mark it OKAY TO PRINT.

(If you want to elaborate with the story behind it, I’d love to hear.)

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    … am I alone in wanting to go get one just so I can send in a photo?
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  4. actuallyclintbarton said: NOT YET! But I hope to one day. :3 After I get the Hawkeye tattoo that I’ve been planning.
  5. captain-fur said: Somewhat related, I do have a Ms. Marvel tattoo after the great Romita cover. It’s a direct ranslation, actually, would it fit the theme?
  6. youdontevenknowmr said: I only saw the tattoo booth on my way out to the train, but I do have a friend who is breathtakingly talented in PDX…
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