It’s not that I didn’t read comics before Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Captain Marvel. I did. But I never once considered going into the comic book store and making a pull list/subscribing/preordering/etc. I just read stuff online, read trade paperbacks, checked stuff out at the library, and read books that my roommate had. But count me as another person who fell so in love with Captain Marvel that I went “I just have to support this title,” and I did, and then I found other titles I wanted. And now I have a thirteen book long pull list. That probably isn’t much compared to some people, but considering that back in November I had zero? Yeah…

These are just the Marvel books because I couldn’t fit everything into one photoset. The non-Marvel is HERE

This is AMAZING to me.  

I kind of feel like we can pack up the stage and go home now, you know? OUR WORK HERE IS DONE. 

Who else remembers their gateway comic?  I’ve come and gone so many times, I’d have multiple answers, but the biggest ones—the ones that got me in the store regularly and looking for other titles—would probably be the Perez/Wolfman Tales of the Teen Titans and Gaiman’s Sandman.  


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    For me 1.) it started when two boys let me read their G.I. Joe’s in 5th grade. Then 2.) My first day of middle school, I...
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