Too Busy Thinking About My Comics: On Kelly Sue DeConnick's Storytelling In "Captain Marvel" #9 f


I have made it a practice not to post reviews (and with few exceptions, not to read them) because, honestly, it’s embarrassing and I haven’t been sure what the “get” is.  

I bent the rules for GHOST because I’m struggling to get more readers on that title and I thought maybe there were  people who followed my blog because of CAPTAIN MARVEL who might be willing to give GHOST a shot if they knew more about it. And a well-composed thoughtful review is a handy way to say, “Hey! Don’t just take my word for it—check out what this other person has to say!”

Well, apparently it’s a slippery slope because I’m bending the rules again.  If you’re a reader of AVENGERS ASSEMBLE, you haven’t picked up and you have an inkling that you might be interested, CAPTAIN MARVEL Issue 9—just out last Wednesday—is a perfect jumping on point.  

And Colin Smith has written a lovely consideration that I hope might tip you in that direction. Here’s an excerpt:

In a tale that’s structured around Carol Danver’s perpetually compromised to-do list, we’re shown how her attempts to care for her friends, her cat and her career are all thrown off-balance by the intrusion of tryingly remarkable events. As such, it’s an unexpected and refreshing reversal of the usual preference for the generically miraculous rather than the everyday. Many of its fellow super-books regularly present the affairs of costumed crimefighters as a glorious escape from the grinding tedium of the real world. But Captain Marvel #9 convincing argues that the wonderfully absurd conventions of the superhero can be used to help describe and inform the human concerns of a far more typical existence. What’s more, DeConnick shows how that can be done without either the fantastic or the more supposedly workaday aspects of the narrative suffering.

And if you’re still on the fence, there’s this piece by Kelly Thompson on CBR, which ends: 

Together, DeConnick and Andrade have made this book everything I’ve wanted it to be and I’d love to see them get the opportunity to keep it up.

I’d love that too. 

Find your local shop here. Order from TFAW here or pick up the issue digitally from Comixology here

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