Carol Danvers’ Lucky Hat (Pattern)

So here it is, Carol Corps!  The present I promised: 



Wait, what?  Where are you going???

Here, lemme ‘splain: 

That right there is Carol Danvers’ lucky hat, as knit for her by Grandma Rose in Captain Marvel Issue 9, which I know you are all going to have in your hot little hands come Wednesday the 16th.  

Here is the panel description for the hat’s first appearance: 

Carol walking toward camera about to turn a corner, Grandma Rose eating on the park bench behind her.  Carol is now wearing a ridiculous knit hat.  Something really bright and absurd, maybe with knit flowers all over it like one of those crazy old fashioned bathing caps.  

If such a thing is possible, the cat is smiling. 




Shut up. 

What I got you is the knitting pattern.  I commissioned my friend, the annoyingly talented and resourceful knitwear designer Nikol Lohr, to produce a pattern based on Filipe Andrade’s drawing and Jordie Bellaire’s colors.  I paid her in real money for the right to give you this pattern for free, so that, if you choose, you may produce one of these beauties for yourself (or, cajole one of your knitting friends to do it for you).  

Happy New Year, Carol Corps!! I love you. 

Download the pattern here and disseminate at will. 


I corrected the pattern to add the gauge, but not before I uploaded. If you have the wrong link, gauge:


14 ½ sts x 24 rows = 4”/10cm in St st on larger needles with Berkshire Bulky

Gauge is taken with fabric soaked then dried flat.

Here’s Nikol modeling it. Isn’t she cute? 


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