veteran2ali asked:

if you have to choose what comic superhero you will be for only tonight who would it be?

I know my answers are really frustrating to you (I’m sorry!), but I don’t particularly want to be anyone else.  I’m pretty happy being me.  I only wish I could be a me who sleeps more.  

(I’m trying to be a good sport and think of an answer, but I put on the skin of my favorite superheroes every day — that’s my job. Those folks have really difficult lives. Trust me on this one.)

Unless there’s a superhero out there who’s well-adjusted, has a really chill arch enemy and can cure cancer in a night, I’ll pass.  

  1. csmemoir said: What a great answer
  2. captainlitebrite said: if there’s anything i’ve learned from comics, it’s that superheroes are chronically overworked and unhappy people who are constantly surrounded by heartbreak, pain, and destruction.
  3. therealgeek said: this is one of the best answers i’ve ever red (and also let me thank you for the new captain marvel series and the avengers assemble. oh, and also for the osborn mini)
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