Oh my goodness—! 

Welcome to comics!  ::tidies up:: ::straightens throw pillows::

(They are, in fact, called story arcs.  See?  You’re a natural. ) 

If you need help figuring anything out—how to buy, what to buy, etc., please don’t hesitate to ask.  


xxx Kelly Soup

  1. pariahsdream said: Awww c’mon, the Summers’ family tree isn’t THAT bad. It’s comics! :D
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    You chipped away at my intertia borne of ignorance with every hilarious reblog. :D (And, truthfully, with every reblog...
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    I peddle the good stuff, it’s true. I knew if I just kept reblogging scans, it was only a matter of time. 8) It showing...
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  5. chujo-hime said: I just gotta say I totally LOLed when I saw you had changed the TED Talks to the STAN Talks. :D
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    Hey, nonpotable should check out the rest of 616 Banner! That’ll also be a delightful read! (I am a horrible horrible...
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