Captain Marvel Jumping On Points

So, maybe time travel just wasn’t your thing, but you’re CM-curious just the same?  Two great jumping on points coming up, I want you to be aware of—

Captain Marvel Issue 7

Begins a two-issue arc co-written with one of my dearest friends, Christopher Sebela (SCREAMLAND). It’s two, two, two Captains Marvel in one! Featuring former-Captain Marvel and current badass, MONICA RAMBEAU. Art by Dexter Soy.  The story is set off the coast of New Orleans and centers around a mysterious undersea graveyard.  

Captain Marvel Issue 9

Begins Life in NYC with Carol Danvers a/k/a Captain Marvel, featuring artwork by Filipe Andrade. She can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, stop a bank robbery, buy cat litter, save the world and get Tracy to her check up on time.  Also: butterfly protocols breached! Repercussions ahoy. 

No pressure. But if you looking to join us, 7 and/or 9 are good places to take the plunge.