I prefer getting Dark Horse comics in trade rather than in single issues because, well, they're a whole lot more complete. (Umbrella Academy is a perfect example, where the TPBs had stuff outside the main mini-series that I completely missed.) I REALLY wanna support your Ghost run, but if I picked it up in TPB, would that help the title as much as picking it up in single issues?

No. But sweetheart, there’s only so much I’m willing to ask of people, only so much I think is fair.  If someone is planning on buying the pamphlets/floppies/singles/comics anyway, I am willing to beg ask them to preorder.  I am not willing to ask that you buy a format that is not your preference — ESPECIALLY not when a company like Dark Horse puts out such gorgeous trades.  I hereby absolve you of all guilt associated with your purchase, and most importantly, I thank you for your support and hope you enjoy the book.  

(For the sake of clarification, let me go ahead and take this opportunity to lay this out: the first three 8-page installments will greet the world as part of the DHP anthology starting, I think, this week.  Then those will be collected in a zero issue, to be followed by a 4 issues mini.  My suspicion is that the trade will collect all 5.)