YOU DID IT!! Order numbers on CM are much stronger than expected

YOU did this! Do you understand that? I want to high five you all so bad right now my palm stings.  I literally can’t thank you enough.

Want to help keep the momentum up? Preorder codes for issue #2 & #3 right here, courtesy of crimsondude.  

Pre-Order How Tos Right Here.


Rereading this, I feel like I didn’t quite get across what I wanted to say before jumping right into HERE’S HOW YOU CAN DO MORE.  


Real quick, because I have pages to get in today: it is incredibly hard to move the needle these days — for all the reasons I have outlined previously — and you guys made that happen.  I want everyone who went out of their way on behalf of this book—on behalf of Carol Danvers, on behalf of female-led series, on behalf of Dex and I—before the book even came out, I want you to feel this accomplishment.  It’s so easy to throw up our hands and say, “It’s Too Hard!” and not make the effort.  You made the effort.  You got results.  

It is by no means smooth-sailing from here on out, but at least at this point we’re not likely to get cancelled before we hit the shelves. I know that sounds like a meager success, but I’m telling you: considering the odds, it’s kinda huge.

Now we just have to, you know, follow up with an awesome comic worthy of your efforts!  

We’re going to do our dead best to deliver that very thing. But whatever happens after, however long our run, I will remember this.  

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    She’s on my pull list & not going anywhere.
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    Let’s everyone preorder issues #2 and #3 of Captain Marvel.
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