The Drawn Word #1 is out! f

You cannot possibly imagine how sick I am of the sound of my own voice right now. But Dave’s a good guy, Brian Wood’s always got something interesting to say and who doesn’t want to read about Bill Sienkiewicz? And only a buck at that. 


It’s 137 pages for $1, downloadable through our good friends at Graphicly. Edited by all around good guy Christopher Irving this new comics magazine features spotlights on Brian Wood, Bill Sienkiewicz, and I profile Kelly Sue DeConnick!

The book also features the talents of Reilly Brown, Bill Alger, and Jamal Igle. So, you’re getting an awful lot of great stuff for a dollar.

Thanks to Chris, my colleague here at Brooklyn College, for getting me involved in a new arena of comics discussion.

Hope you all like it! Here’s some more info:

Christopher Irving, co-founder of Graphic NYC, brings you a comics magazine for the masses! The feature for this inaugural issue is a spotlight on Brian Wood (DMZ, The Massive) as he reveals the next stage of his dynamic writing career, a spotlight on artist Bill Sienkiewicz, and catching up with cartoonist John Kerschbaum and writer Kelly Sue DeConnick! Included are contributions by comics pros Jamal Igle (Supergirl, The Ray), Reilly Brown (Incredible Hercules, Power Play), Bill Alger, and Madeline Richards. Get in on the ground floor with this revolutionary comics magazine.

Source: davepress