Kelly Sue Deconnick at WonderCon 2014!



KSD got a spotlight panel all to herself at WonderCon this year! Josie Campbell, staff writer at Comicbookresources reported on what went on.

  • KSD says that she pronounces “Carol Corps” as “Carol Core” not corpse, since, ”A Carol Corpse would be a bad thing!”
  • She also said that she wasn’t privy to whether or not Captain Marvel would make an appearance in the MCU, though she added, “Marvel is very clearly aware of the fact that Carol has a following — Carol is in some of the animation now as Captain Marvel in the proper uniform. Something is happening.”
  • She also added that while she pitched a Jessica Drew ongoing, she no longer has time to write it (what with her juggling four ongoings this year)
  • She confirmed that she and artist Jamie McKelvie have something planned for the future concerning Captain Marvel - yay!
  • A con attendee asked whether or not writing Carol Danvers was intimidating as she has a pretty heavy continuity, to which KSD replied, ”Continuity is the devil. You need to do your research — you can get completely hamstrung by it if you’re not careful,” DeConnick added, stating she thought the important thing was to get to the core of the story you want to tell and not worry about the past.

For more tidbits about KSD’s other projects, such as Pretty Deadly and her upcoming Bitch Planet, check out the full story at CBR! 

Whoa, whoa, wait, NO —

  • She confirmed that she and artist Jamie McKelvie have something planned for the future concerning Captain Marvel - yay!

…I said that Jamie and I have plans to work together someday.  I didn’t get any more specific than that.  

There’s a lot that gets said at these things. It’s easy to get stuff mixed up and I’m certain there’s no malice intended, but in point of fact, that is not what I said, because that is not true.  



Got the ONE comic I brought with me to WonderCon signed as I sat in the hall charging my battery when the author just happens to walk by…


Our little angel got some gum for Easter.







Behold my Awesome Con homage to Kelly Sue Deconnick. 

This is my favorite thing that has ever happened. Ever. Ever ever.

Oh my god, seriously?! This is amazing. I’m so glad you don’t think I’m a weirdo. 

It is hilarious, and I adore you.

(Also I think we might be the same height.)

Are you 60 inches of unadulterated awesome, too? That would be incredible.

I am five-foot-nuttin.