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Introductions, Part One


Hello! I’m Ally aka @inaneenglish and the Atlanta-based half of this outfit. I blame tereshkova2001's for everything. She mailed me a stack of Captain Marvel comics last year. I cracked open In Pursuit of Flight and I haven’t looked back since. I now have so much jewelry, so many t-shirts, and all the comic books. I’m making my first Captain Marvel costume for this year’s DragonCon. Currently, my fingers are raw from sewing and I’ve never felt happier. 

Sometimes I think, as a DragonCon volunteer going on 7 years, it would be too easy for me to feel jaded about fandom, but then I look at Carol Corps, at this wonderful, supportive group of people who banded together because of Carol Danvers, and I know better. So many of us feel inspired and lifted up by Carol’s story, and I’m thrilled beyond belief that Torrey and I are able to bring fellow Carol Corps members together.

To sum up my feelings about Carol I’ll just re-post what I wrote back in March after I read the relaunched Captain Marvel #1:

I just finished reading Captain Marvel #1 and it made me cry the way the previous 17 issues did. When I read Kelly Sue’s Captain Marvel I can feel all the self-doubt and everything else weighing me down fall away until I can touch what I want to be and what I know I can be. And it hurts. It’s raw and wild, like a live wire, all this potential that I’ve tried to bury, but these damn comics make me want to chase it down and do all the things I thought I couldn’t.

Can’t wait to see y’all at DragonCon!



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Captain Marvel sketch

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Long awaited pick up!



First Carol Danvers sketch. She is so much fun to draw!
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First Carol Danvers sketch. She is so much fun to draw!

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scientific fact: carol is the absolute best

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I don’t want to get too excited before anything’s confirmed, but I’m getting pretty jazzed over the possibility of The Rock playing Captain Marvel.

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Mia vs. Marvel