Lots to do, not enough time to do it. 

Cheers. Let get some stuff done.

You get me. 

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My mom wants a christmas list already and I sent her a link to among other things sex criminals vol. 2 and I forgot how that sounds out of context so I’m currently having a really awkward conversation 

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Draft Zero

Wow. My kid asked if she could have an ancient Moleskine Cahier notebook of mine, so I flipped through it and found this little slice of history from the mid-aughts.

ME: Whoa. This is the thing that made me a little famous for a while.
ELLIE: What is it?
ME: Eh. You won’t have heard of it.

Anyhoo. Took this photo and gave her the notebook.


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"They met Iggy Pop."
Submitted By: Anna S.
Location: California, United States

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Does 'bitches get shit done' work outside of the US?

I have no idea…?  I’m sorry!  Anyone? 

Is Pretty Deadly over? I keep scrolling to the "P" section of my LCS' new comics email each week hoping to see it, and finally decided to do some googling, and I can't find any mention of a solicit/release date for issue 6 anywhere.

No! Not over. We just took a break.  

Rough plan is that we’ll be doing one arc a year for 4 years, I think.  

I am hard at work on arc two right now.  Expect issue 6 early next year.  

Person who sent this to me to sign and return (i’m not going to use your name just in case this is a gift for someone.):

There was no note. Did you want this personalized in anyway? Is there a particular spot you like me to sign it? Or a color you’d like me to sign it in? I’m going to give this about 24 hours and if I don’t hear from you I will just sign it in the lower left corner in black and mail it back.

It looks cool — you did a great job!

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Perk up your Monday with a memo about coffee.

Staff Secretary Jim Connor’s note on this memo from Deputy Chief of Staff Dick Cheney from October 20, 1975, succinctly sums up why the coffee bill for Donald Rumsfeld’s office was over $100: "They are drinking too much coffee and have too many people drinking it!"

The Mess records showed that the bill covered 200 pots of coffee, meaning that the Chief of Staff and his eight staff members would have consumed about 10 pots per day during a five-day work week.

Too much coffee: do you agree or disagree?

I don’t know, from what I understand from the comics and Tumblr, this is probably the equivalent amount of coffee required to sustain the kellysue and mattfractionblog household. Maybe a little less.


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Call for Photos

Hey, I need a favor? 

The folks at Respect Films who are working on that SHE MAKES COMICS documentary wrote asking me for photos of me with fans/Carol Corps that they could use.  As it happens, I don’t have very many…?  Or, most of the ones I do have are not *my photos* so I wouldn’t be able to give them permission to use them.

So, with their okay, I’m turning this over to you —

If you have a photo of me and you (or a group of us) that you wouldn’t mind giving to the documentary, would you email it to them with a statement of your permission?  

You can have them send the photos directly to me at to save your inbox.

(Send ‘em that duck face. You know you want to.)

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Bitches Get Shit Done: Feb 2014 - Present


kellysue reblogged a post from skatekane earlier, asking if anyone had an archive of all of Kelly Sue’s Bitches Get Shit Done (#bgsd) texts. I did happen to have one, because I’ve been collecting them for a project I haven’t had time to work on yet, so since there seemed to be a demand, I thought it would be good to post them.

This goes through October 17th 20th, which was the last text sent out as of this posting. I’ll try to remember to go back and edit this semi-regularly to keep it up to date if people want to use it as a resource. (Also, I think I might have joined #bgsd a few days after the start, so there might be a couple from the beginning I missed. If you have them, feel free to send them to me either via tumblr or at fourteenacross at

For more info on Bitches Get Shit Done (including how to sign up), check out this post from Kelly Sue! The short version is that if you sign up for the service, you get a text from KSD a few times a week nagging you to get to work. It is really super incredibly helpful, at least to me, to have someone you admire/respect needling you to be your best you.

Anyway, below the cut are all the texts I have archived! Have fun, bitches! Be inspired and productive and get shit done!

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